Thursday, November 22, 2007

Panda Updates

Overheard on the skytrain:

Guy: (Hitting on the girl beside him) Well, ask me anything.
Girl: (looking uncomfortable): okay, do you know anyone famous?
Boy: Well, er... I went to kindergarten with a porn star.

Smooth pickup line. Really Smooth.

Work is okay. They've got me doing things i never dreamed i'd be doing. And my boss is so nice about it too. I'm shaping up in ways i never thought I would, haha. It's a fun place.
Also, we have a ghost in our washroom, ooh.

And yes. It is cold. It is so cold. 0 degrees. I have not been this cold in my life and I am breaking out. Yaaargh.

Many, many thanks to Janice who I owe big time for these pictures. She attended my exhibit in New York and managed to snap a couple.

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