Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pekpek O! My First Snow! and other Pictures

Unlike most of you who have been rubbing elbows with Neil and Mike, here on the other side of the world I have been wandering around Chinatown and getting my first snow. (Di naman bitter noh?)


My mom suddenly stopped and pointed. "Mukhang Pekpek o!"

Maaaagic Shroooooms. They make everything better.

"After the boys get circumcised, they carefully gather the skins and bleach them and sell them to gullible foreigners as aphrodisiacs."
Two million kinds of peppercorns. I don't get it.

It feels just like hong kong.
Our (not so close) neighbourhood siopawan.

Feels like... a family reunion. Just kidding. Hahaha.

My gabi is bigger than yours. So there.

Hot. Yup.

My first snowfall, as seen from my bedroom window! Wheeee! Ang galing.

Traipsing through Vancouver's Chinatown.
When we got down from the bus we were confronted by people yelling (And I am not making this up)

"Heroin! 2 grams heroin!"
"I need a joint. Anyone?"
"What can I get for $50?"

Blink blink. Poor beleaguered panda.

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