Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Se7en - as tagged by Tobie

Seven things that scare you:

  1. Math - Hooooh yeah. Nothing terrifies me more than a quadratic equation. 
  2. Commitment - but that doesn't mean I can't commit ha. It just scares the beJesus out of me to commit long-term, but hey, 25 months na kami ni tobie. Who'd have thought it.
  3. Never moving out. Ever. And being stuck with my parents. Forever. 
  4. The Dark. - I used to sleep with a night light and now i sleep with the windows open.
  5. Heights - kahit second floor
  6. Losing someone I love through disease, death, or infidelity
  7. Ignorance - it's the scariest thing for me.

Seven things you like the most:

  1. Tobie - Love also. Like sometimes. yup. hehehe. Just being with Tobie makes me happy, and I may not show it sometimes because I'm a tough macho panda. But inside there's a little squealy romatic girl who gets so kilig. Especially when he's bagong gising haha. That's the best time to attack.
  2. Taking pictures 
  3. Web comics. I recommend Minus and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal 
  4. Guilty pleasures: Dark chocolate truffles, mangoes (especially since I moved to BC and they are expensive!) and my new skincare stuff. Yes. 
  5. My friends - the ones who have seen me at my best and worst and loved me anyway
  6. My parents. it's a love-hate thing, as it is with most people. 
  7. Walking quietly at sunset ankle-deep in crackly leaves or snow bundled up in my jacket.

Seven important things in your room:

  1. My Nikon D50. 
  2. My Cellphone - lifeline!
  3. My Books. I use them as ammo and throw them at my brothers  when they piss me off.
  4. My Computer - Lifeline part 2.
  5. My kikay crap 
  6. My clothes- it's hard to go naked in winter.
  7. My babies - Pingping, Rose and Reese, Wuwu, Eclair, Waffle and Bambu
This was hard for me to fill out as I share my room and don't really have my own space. This is it, I guess.

Seven random facts about you:

  1. I love taking the train and people-watching. 
  2. I am a sucker for dimples on a guy. Buti nalang Tobie has dimples. hehe. On his face ha. I don't know if he has dimples anywhere else! *innocent look
  3. I have a temper and I try to keep it locked down most of the time but when it gets out I can be a spectacular bitch. And after I let it out I forget about it. Haha.
  4. I have lately discovered the joys of my PS2 and I am now hacking my way through FF X.  I still love Kingdom Hearts and Katamari better though. And I find it has made me a bunch of new friends, just by waxing poetic about Cloud's slashy blady move thingy or Wakka's fast balls. 
  5. I failed my driving test here. And I've been driving 10 years in Manila. Wahh.
  6. When I am quiet, that means I am either pissed off, or I am not comfortable with it, you or the situation. 
  7. I would rather not eat than eat something I don't like. 

Seven things you can’t do:

  1. Whistle
  2. Dance - Nope. Ask Rocky, or Walter. Kicked out of 2 ballet schools, yup that's me.
  3. Tolerate wrongdoing. If I see something wrong being done, I have to speak up and fight.  Even if it's none of my business. 
  4. Stay in one spot for too long - I get twitchy and I get cabin fever. I like going out, breaking the routine, doing something different every day. 
  5. Be boxed in. Mentally or emotionally or physically. 
  6. Eat mayo or ketchup. eurghh.
  7. Look at naked men without laughing. 

Seven things you can do:

  1. Curl my tongue
  2. Keep a poker face no matter what the situation (unless it's naked men then I have to laugh)
  3. Carpentry - Hammers, Drills, etc. I am macho. Yes. I can even do some electrical stuff.
  4. Change a tire, change oil, jump-start a car
  5. Eat a whole pizza by myself na family sized - ask Maui
  6. Cook. And I cook well. Other times I don't haha. But I make a kick-ass lasagna and melt-in-your-mouth Cathedral Windows Cake
  7.  Burp at will. At varying sounds, depths, and pitches. Yay. 
Seven things you want to do before you die: 
  1. Travel the world with someone I love
  2. Work for a big-name company and eventually rule the world
  3. Go someplace new where nobody knows me and I've never been. I can imagine just walking up to the ticket counter at the airport, asking where the next flight is going and then buying a ticket and going there. I want the complete freedom to do that without guilt, just a fresh start like that, away from everything I know.
  4. Go up to all the people who made my life hell through the years and tell them. And make them pay. And I'd go up to the people who made my life worth living and thank them.
  5. Let go of all my negativity, embrace the positivity
  6. Stop caring about what other people think and stop being affected by what people say, even the ones I loved
  7. Eradicate poverty, cure cancer, end the war, rule the world

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:

  1. Dimples. Yup. They're so sexy on a guy
  2. Intelligent conversation
  3. Blind worship hahaha I like a guy who spoils me and loves me and doesn't tell me what to do
  4. Stubble. I like chin stubble. It makes me shivery hahaha.
  5. Someone with values 
  6. Someone taller than me. :d And A BIG... Heart
  7. A healthy libido. Hahaha. 

Seven things that repulse you in the opposite sex :

  1. BO. Yup. 
  2. Mama's Boys. Grr. Bad experiences with those. They're usually spineless and wimpy. That does not mean I wouldn't date a guy who is close to his mom, like tobie is. I draw the line at having his mom fight his battles for him
  3. Someone who tries to change me or mold me into someone who fits his image. I don't like lectures, I don't like being dictated to. I am a stubborn Taurus, after all.
  4. Minors - Below 18 hahahaha
  5. Old guys - well, I'm not Anna Nicole
  6. Boybandy metrosexual guys prettier than me
  7. Someone who does not make me a priority.  I've been in relationships where I felt that I was only treated as a gf when it was convenient, and believe me, I am never going to put myself through that again.
Seven things you say the most:
  1. Hmm.
  2. Hello?
  3. Eh? Canadian eh?
  4. Yupyup.
  5. Waah
  6. Burp
  7. WTF?
Seven Celebrity Crushes
  1. Neil Gaiman
  2. Alan Rickman 
  3. Anne Hathaway - yes, tobie. Girl-crush.
  4. Angelina Jolie 
  5. That cyclops/prince charming guy in all the movies who never gets the girl. Whatsizname.
  6. Brad Pitt - Threesome with A.J. And B.P. - hahaha
  7. Blank.
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