Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tired Hysterical

So. I announced triumphantly to the world a few weeks ago that I was quitting my job for a career in Starbucks. (Ok, maybe not a career)

I dodged two offers from my boss to get me to stay, but she snagged me with her third counteroffer, which at first glance looks like a fantastic set-up. Essentially, what it is, is a demotion in position, and it's got me doing the work of 3 people 3 days a week (no overtime) for 20% more than what I'm making now and more flexibility.

The PROs:

1. Higher Hourly Pay

2. I get to keep my previous commissions which I would have lost anyway had I quit

3. More freedom (I hope)

4. Longer experience with this company (Which is always good on paper)

5. More interaction with people outside - I am essentially the entire customer service department

6. Part time work - I can do other things now

The CONs:

1. I have to work with THEM.

2. The thought of working with them and enduring that daily emotional abuse is actually making me physically sick

3. Hourly pay might be higher but the hours are much less, so it's about 40% less per month than what I'm used to. Hopefully Starbucks fills in the gaps.

4.The workload I am looking at is okay but i can see where it can overwhelm me. I refuse to do unpaid overtime, but I hate to leave a job unfinished.

5.They're paying my health care but only until Starbucks kicks in. So really, it's not that big of a deal.

6. Daily lectures on why I'm not good enough, my culture is not good enough, and why I should take verbal abuse from the office asswipe, all delivered with a hug and a pat on the head.

7. Dog sitting duties.

Right now I am wondering what the hell was I thinking, coming back to this? And I think of the Calvary that is the next three-six months, and just hope I don't kill anyone. I start at starbucks on saturday, by the way. Wish me luck.

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