Thursday, July 17, 2008

This Week on Panda in Canda...

Oh, oh, oh, this week has been fantastic.

It was kicked off on Monday with a fire that raged underground for hours and burned out the power grid in downtown, leaving it in darkness. So my boss from Starbucks cancelled all shifts and closed the store down for two days. Yay! A day off! Ok. Maybe I shouldn't be so happy about it.

On Tuesday, I walked in to my other office to find that it had been exorcised during the darkness of the day before and the person who has made my life a living hell for the past 11 months was gone. Just gone. Itago nalang natin siya sa pangalang Diyosa. When I saw the email saying that Diyosa was not coming back I had to take a couple of deep breaths, trying not to cry. It was the best gift I had all year. Diyosa apparently pissed off a new boss and went too far. All I can say is, good riddance.

And on Tuesday, Tobie and I hit 29! Months! Together! Talk about timing, eh"?

So Vanessa and I had lunch to celebrate. On our way there I ripped my skirt up the side all the way up to my underwear and had to scurry into the nearest store, called Spank!. I made my way carefully to the bored-looking salesgirl and asked, "Could you direct me to your skirts please?" She looked surprised by the question, and replied, "I don't think we have any! Let me check." She went through the store while i stood in the corner trying to hold my skirt together, and came up with two skirts. One was cute and colorful (and $98! or PhP4k to save you from converting) and the other was tweed and grey and yellow at 50% off. No choice, really.

V and I feasted on spinach feta mushroom crepes and strawberry milkshakes at Cafe Crepe (and Cafe Breton in G4 kicks their ass big-time). Ding dong, the witch is dead!

So I headed home after work and opened my email to find The Golden Ticket! And no it wasn't spam. Starbucks has selected me to be in a pilot program to be set up only in Vancouver. And I don't know how much i can say without killing you, so that's all I will say. Yay!

Wednesday saw me at my other job, juggling both the production and sales schedules. It is so much easier now that the air is clean and the office morale is so much better too. I was walking to the library when someone called "Hey, barista, is that you?"
I turned to see a regular, let's call him grande 3/4 Americano, dragging an embarrased-looking girl over. I waved happily.
"Guess what?" He grinned
"What?" I replied
"I have a girlfriend!" Waving her hand at me. "A new girlfriend!"
"Oh boy, congratulations! Wait till i tell the people at the store!" I was sincerely happy for him. This sweet man, who has tipped us $5 once or twice, always makes the time to talk to us about how his day is going.
The girlfriend, whose face is now bright pink, shakes my hand. "Thanks!" he grinned even wider and hugged her and bounced off into the sunset.

Yay. I love my life again. Yes I do. Tomorrow we watch batman with lem (cousin) and rob (brother) and jen (rob's gf) and bas (other brother)


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erwin said...

so glad everything is working out for you right now. this is just the start of a lot more good stuff, you'll see! :)