Monday, October 06, 2008

Because The Blogger is Now a Jogger- Day 1


So, following DoctorMan (TM) 's Orders, I set aside an hour to jog today, around Central Park here in Burnaby.

Time: 5:00 PM - Dusk
Temperature: 13 degrees Celcius

I ran at first. Then I walked. Then I jogged. It was cold so I felt the sweat drying right as it popped out. My shirt was damp but not soaked, and my face was covered with oil. Hmm. Also
I had forgotten about the crazy scary squirrels of Central Park. I was chased by a procession of about four big fat black squirrels. Note to self: Bring food next time.

It was past sunset when I left and I have to admit, it IS pretty scary running in the forest at night. Good thing about 8 other people had the same idea as I did, so we ended up jogging in a pack, avoiding eye contact carefully.

Still, the fall has brought the flame-coloured leaves that it is famous for. Every time the wind blew we would be pelted by orange and red and purple leaves fluttering down.

When I got to the corner near my house, I did 64 jumping jacks to cool down.

I'll start earlier tomorrow after I get home from work. Right now my calves are spasming and I just want to lie down. I guess I was in denial about how out of shape I am. I just need to work up the guts to do the saltwater snorting now.


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