Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two Old Ladies on the Sky Train

Lady 1 was about 90 years old in a Tshirt and a miniskirt in this weather. Lady 2, her friend, had bright red lipstick and a dress that was older than me, or my parents, with beautiful pearls.

Lady 1: My brother and his wife have been married 73 years!
Lady 2: 73 years! Wowza!
Lady 1: He was 18 when he married, his wife was 16. But they're celebrating their 74th in February.
Lady 2: My goodness. And I thought I'd been married long.
Lady 1: Why, how long were you married?
Lady 2: 63 years.
Lady 1: WOW!
Lady 2: I'm only happy he died last year, or else I would have killed him.

This made my day.

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