Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tired Silly

So these past couple of weeks I've been moving from a closing shift at starbucks,which is typically 1-9:30 PM, to an opening shift,which depending on the day, starts at 5 AM or 6:30 for weekends. 5 AM! I've always been a night person, and given a choice, 5 AM is bedtime. I already had trouble before when i was scheduled for 7:30 AM shifts.

I am finding it interesting though that i am more awake at 5am than i am at 7. Still, I've been passing out on Alex's couch for four hours at a time right after. Poor bf never gets to go out with me after work as i am snoring very loudly every day.

I have to try to get back into blogging again. Woo.

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