Friday, January 01, 2010

Last Day Of The Year

One year ago I was reeling from the shock of being fired from a job I absolutely hated, and looking with fear at the year ahead. Emotionally unstable, and mentally exhausted, the big question in my head was, how do I get through this?

January I found myself back at Starbucks, at a job that has a love-hate relationship with me, surrounded by awesome coworkers and really sweet customers, just trying to get my head back together. This was the first time I had ever seen snow deeper than my ankles, and I loved it! Of course, I didn't have a car, so this was probably why.

February had some heartbreak, some goodbyes, and lots of new friends as well. It was really when I had started cheering up again and learning to be more relaxed. Work wise, I had begun talks with my manager on wanting to be a shift supervisor. I also realized that it was time to either move up or get out.

March- Kiwis Denden and Eric came to visit. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go snowboarding with them, but we did get almost arrested in the park. Burnaby was now mostly melted, so daily treks home were very muddy and squishy.
In April, I moved to another store and got Spore for my birthday (from my brothers!) Also, I met SOMEONE. It's funny how life happens when you least expect it.
Yes, it seems I have a preference for smart funny guys with glasses and dimples. Hrmm.

And now it's December 31st, 2009. I am almost late for work, having not yet showered, battling a cold that I have infected others with, that I acquired in California.

Yes. I am so looking forward to 2010!

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