Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Do Not Read This G!

I am going to rant and rave for a while, G, just to get this  off my chest.  And then I will be okay afterwards. SO DO NOT READ PAST THIS POINT. IF YOU WISH TO CONFRONT ME ABOUT IT I WILL NOT REPLY.
SO here it is. G, my ex, is dating again. He says he is just helping he get back on her feet and he thinks it isn't serious because he and she are wavelengths apart. I don't know. He and I WERE wavelengths apart. And we broke up because he said he was TOO busy for a relationship. Well, apparently, it was dating me that he has a problem with, not dating in general. It explains the ignored anniversaries and holidays, though. I'm happy for him, seriously, because I REALLY didn't want to make up with him and I am glad he's moving on. And no, I am not sourgraping. Maybe finally he can find some peace.

Good luck, G. Be happy! (shalalala)

Incidentally, he is the ending of my short story. Wait for it.

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