Thursday, August 19, 2004

Corr Night

Tonight's corridor night! I brought my corridormates downstairs for a movie marathon. They are watching How To Lose A Guy in Ten Days as I write this. Am not a big fan of Kate Hudson, so I passed. I sat through The Grudge Two and My Sassy Girl. The first made me laugh. The second made me cry. Goddamned hormones. I must go down and kick the boys out. They do not belong to the second floor girls' corridor.
I don't understand some people. They ask you to stay away then get upset when you do. And others? They simply want company in their misery, and so decide to make complete strangers part of their sad little world. Oh well. Good luck.
I am sleepy. I must take a shower and stay up for the ending of the film showing thingy. There's still Ever After to get through. I am stinky. Made pa-cute at the Beta Ep Tambayan today. Those boys are HOT. Too bad I have to address them as Uncle. They're my age but they're my dad's brods. Heehee. They seem like a reasonable lot, though.
Ate at ChocKiss yesterday. Had these fantastic chicken liver-wrapped-in-bacon-and-watercress, together with their garlic mashed potato. I am still bloated from all that oil but it was worth it. :)
I met Kuya Joe's gf via YM today. She seems like a nice girl. Just a teeny bit paranoid and selosa.I hope he doesn't do anything stupid to screw it up. Heeheee. I don't think i've met a guy who is decent and trustworthy. Well. Not here in Manila, anyway.
No classes tomorrow. QC Day. Whoopee.

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ilse said...

i miss QC day. i miss chocolate kiss. i miss katipunan. ~sigh.