Thursday, August 12, 2004

No more pics for a while

Basil, my dearly insane brother, is leaving for bohol in a couple of hours with the digicam, so there won't be pictures for a while. And i am back to my text entries. Still, twas fun while it lasted.
I was in starbux katipunan earlier and it was full of Arrneans. Basil and his friend Marc were waiting in the car while i brought my brownie. So i walked in, sauntered to the counter, feeling pretty cool and stuff, and then i made my selection.
The cute barista dude smiled at me and said, "May I have your order, ma'am?"
I smiled back and drawled, "One butter SCOOCH Brownie please."
He blinked at me. "Excuse me?"
I raised an eyebrow. "One ButterscOOch Foodge brownie please."
He dimpled. "One butterscOtch fUdge brownie, you mean." I hadn't noticed i was mispronouncing it till he kindly pointed it out. AAAARGH. I nodded calmly, blushing hard. AAAAAAARGH, the voice in my head screamed.
I am a squirrel. More specifically, I am that squirrel in Ice Age. Yes. The poor pathetic creature who tries and tries to hide his nuts and acorns and gets struck by lightning or caught in a shifting of tectonic plates or something. Yes, that's me.
It's four in the morning. I am mentally inventorying my food. I have half a starbux brownie, half a big pack of CheezCurls, five packs of skyflakes, 20 sachets of milo and a big plastic tin of milk. I think i have a fear of starving to death from dorm food. It hasn't happened yet, but i don't wanna be the first.

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~*jess*~ said...

hey kinakapatid! i'm at katipunan all the time after work! :-)