Sunday, August 01, 2004

Too Much Gaiman?

I have strange dreams. This was last tuesday's dream.

I was riding a jeep on my way home, along buendia. I was sitting next to a shifty-looking guy whose eyes kept darting around nervously. I knew he was a thief, and he was eyeing the bulge in my pocket that was my cellphone. I knew he was waiting to make his move, but I felt strangely good, like I was anticipating it. Finally he stood up and went towards the exit, taking myphone with him. I immediately launched myself at him, and scraped the road with his face, beating him up. Then I grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt and dragged him to a nearby hi rise building where a security guard was, and asked him to call the police, while sitting on the battered body of the snatcher. I waited patiently for hours. Suddenly, the security guard turned to me and regretfully informed me that the police could not come because it was getting dark, so I rummaged through the thief's pockets and found his cellphone, which was gold. I left him unconscious at the steps of the building and went back to where the jeep was, and saw my cellphone in a pile of dried leaves by the road. I picked it up and went home.
Home was a condo unit, done in blue, which i shared with two other guys and a girl. As I sat wearily down at the table, they showed up and gave me strange looking but unbelievably tasty sandwiches. We talked briefly.
The next day, we went to a mall. While the girl and I were browsing, the erstwhile snatcher caught sight of me. He decided to follow me home to kill me and get his revenge. But I knew he was following me. I caught the girl's eye and smiled. Then we sailed around the mall. Afterwards we got into a car and drove around the city. He followed in a taxi, getting frustrated. Finally, I had pity on him and parked at the condo.
we went up the stairs, making sure he followed, and like a lamb to the slaughter, he did follow. As soon as we set foot inside the condo, the guys nodded at us, waiting. And when the guy came in, he was knocked on the back of his head by a stool. Then we laid him on the kitchen table and bound his wrists. I took a scalpel and made a sort of butterfly incision on his chest and abdomen, and lifted the flap of flesh and skin to take out his intestine and other internal organs. Carefully I stitched him up afterwards and clothed him again. The girl was wearing a short shirt which displayed the scars of her incision, and I had my own incisions too.
And then we made sandwiches with his internal organs, like the ones we had earlier.

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clang said...

too much indeed! but very very visual raine, thank you for grossing me out a bit. pero okey to sobra! have more nightmares! hahaha.