Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Eraser, please.

It isn't like me to be maudlin over a guy so i will say this once and then get it out of my system.

I didn't even like him. At first, anyway. I thought he was ugly. And he had atrocious grammar. He was too pretty, too nice, too much. And i couldn't even look at him.
And all it took was one night, one miserable, god-damned night. A night of stupid games and him making me laugh and me coughing audibly and pointedly as he smoked in front of me. One damned night. He didn't even drive me home. And he smelled funny. But then again, so did i. And we sat there and I lost it.
And it was the best night i've had in a long time.
And i haven't heard from him in 5 days. Five freaaking days. I won't text him. I'll forget him.
But it feels strange.
I haven't felt anything in so long.

Maui bear explained to me, very patiently, that all guys are assholes. So I shouldn't really be surprised.
God, a.k.a. Criss, says it's okay, maybe it's better this way.
Tony thinks i should concentrate on the good stuff.
Martin thinks i should swear off men altogether and go lez. And when I have sex with a girl, he wants to wwatch. (in your dreams, dude)
The Bee Family just said, "AAwww."
I will forget him. Does anybody have an eraser?


Jer said...

you don't need to forget, can't erase stuff. believe me i've tried. what you could do is just put it behind you and factor it out of stuff

ilse said...

not all guys are assholes... there are about 5 of us that aren't... i think 2 are in Sweden, another in Alaska, and the last 2 are cannibals from Timtuktu. =)