Thursday, August 18, 2005

And So It Is

I met tobie! *hops up and down squealing. Dude, I'm still a little starstruck. Hahaha. He isn't tiny at all and has a huge huge huge huge grin. Awww. And a fantastic ass too. I'm meeting him a bit later again and i am kicking myself for not bringing my digicam. Grr.


I saw Willy Wonka last night with Maui Bear. It freaked me out. I mean, yes, it was a lot more faithful to the book than the first one with Gene Wilder was, but it's Scary. Especially with Johnny Depp's Michael Jackson-esque Willy Wonka. But, damn, I've got the hots for Christopher Lee. Haha.
We watched it in Galleria, where a cockroach darted across my foot. Eek. Seriously.

Tobie! Look ! Doggie!

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tobie said...


Someday.. I shall avenge myself!