Friday, August 19, 2005

Today I Climbed A Tree

Tobie and i sat in a tree today, after eating under the acacia trees at the Beach house. Caterpillars and Grasshoppers were kind enough not to approach.
He cursed some poor unsuspecting students by taking their picture with the Oblation. Then he cursed me by posting my (argh! Horrible! Nasty! Scary! Yucky!) pictures on his blog. *Evil Laugh. Little does he know that my face scares people away and causes nightmares. Like the Ring Video, only worse. Puppy worse.

I am drunk right now, having drunk half of the red wine in Majo's birthday bottle. Which reminds me.

Tonight we had a movie marathon for corr night. 1st came Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (extended version), then the Return of the King (Also extended version) wherein we see Eowyn and Faramir's love story (well, bits of it anyway), Aragorn's bowling ball or palantir, and how they(Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli) got on the black ships after going to the Paths of the dead. And there are really strange almost slash scenes, with Gandalf stroking Pippin's chin and Sam gazing lovingly into Frodo's eyes, but the most disturbing was Aragorn sobbing on his knees as he saw the ships and then Legolas coming up behind him and holding Aragorn's head to his stomach. Creepy. Yep, everyone with four hours to spare has got to watch it. Seriously.

And then we watched A Moment To Remember. It's a Korean film. 30 minutes into the movie the entire room was silent, with the occasional sob and sniffle. Really. It's a heavy weepy emo movie. In fact, the story's like Fifty First Dates, only way, way more intense. I don't even want to describe the story, or the characters, because my eyes are extremely swollen from weeping. When we paused to change CDs, we also passed around a huge box of kleenex. Talk about Girl Bonding. Waaah.

Am heading to Laguna in a couple of days, FOR a couple of days, hopefully to detox. Yay! Enjoy your weekends, everybody!

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tobie said...

Egad! You revealed that I cursed people that day!!!!!!!!!!! Ak!!!!

Must hide.