Friday, August 12, 2005

Pregnant Pauses.

Congratulations to Ate Taryn who is now officially pregnant, and to Ate Leslie who is eight months pregnant. And to Ate Lea and ate Marisa who are also in the family way.

Let's see.
My paternal grandmother's siblings: 6 kids.
My paternal grandfather's siblings: 11 kids.
My maternal grandmother's siblings: 8 kids.
My maternal grandfather's siblings: 10 kids.
My mother's siblings: 10 kids.
My dad's siblings: 10 kids.
Average period after marriage for getting pregnant in my family: 1 month. Or less.
My paternal cousins: 45 kids. (age range: 31-6)
My maternal cousins: 30 kids (age range: 39-13)
My paternal nieces and nephews: 2 (and 2 on the way)
My maternal nieces and nephews: 20 (and counting)

Wow. I have yet to see a picture with all of us in the frame.

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tobie said...

After watching the episode of Lost where a child is born, this post reads in a whole new light.