Friday, September 30, 2005

Aches and Pains

My Filling fell out. In my left molar. So I'm off to the dentist in INFIRMATAY. Yep. Posted by Picasa

Today I had more than a pain in my tooth, as i had a pain in the butt too. Someone i thought of as a friend proved that she wasn't. And guess what? I won't do anything bad to get even, because the universe has a better way of kicking ass, and this way is called KARMA. Good luck with your life. May your friends be like you were to me.


tobie said...

Ah, don't worry Panda dearest.
I'll help you out.
Buddhas love to dance.


cargwaps said...

hello ate raine! i found your blog! bwahahaha! nice pic by the way. and the message you left for your friend, genius! ^____^