Saturday, October 01, 2005

People In My Head - Part 1

CAVEPANDA ISHA - grumpy and seriously pissed off at the world. Will bonk you over the head with the nearest large item if you annoy her. Don't even BREATHE in her direction, she's touchy about that. In fact, she's touchy about EVERYTHING. So maybe it's a good idea to run and hide when she appears on the horizon. She's been known to get violent at the slightest provocation. Be very, very, very afraid.


Jer said...

waw, beware the dark side you must. devour not in anger but let live in benevolence.

Norman said...

You have to resist the dark side ;) but there are days you just want to bonk people in their head :P

tobie said...

interesting new look

i will let you bonk me
only if it won't knock me unconscious.
have to go back to work eh.


Anonymous said...

head for the hills!!!