Monday, October 03, 2005

People In My Head - Part 2

Blindly she stares at the walls, her hands drawing the same face over and over again.

"They have taken my pencils away."
But her hands haven't stopped drawing, over every available surface she can get them on. Over and over again.
The others whisper in her heads. Dark thoughts. Bad thoughts.
" I wonder who he is?" She hears a nurse whisper to the guard outside the room.
She is quiet. But in her head she is screaming.
Quietly, her hands move over the paper again.
"Get the doctor!"
The nurse screams, running inside and pushing her back, cradling her head, and her bloody hands and shredded arms.
Her hands haven't stopped moving. Her blood stains a face on her white hospital gown.

-Psycho Panda

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Anonymous said...

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