Monday, March 27, 2006


Now i'm convinced. The masa wouldn't know art if it was firing an M16 gun at them. I am horrified by budoy's eviction last night. The choices, of course, were him and two pretty young things, Zanjoe and Bianca, who, i might add, very publicly cheated on her boyfriend who was outside the house. Budoy WAS the everyman. In fact, he was a very nice and human contrast between the pretty elitista, the model, the actor, and the starlet.
Of course, In All Bias, Budoy, like me, went to UP CEBU, and he, like me, is from the FINE ARTS department. I am immensely proud of what he has done to espouse the filipino culture, and I take my hat off to him. He has shown people that THERE IS A PHILIPPINES OUTSIDE MANILA and it never fails to amuse me to see all these cono kids singing in bisaya.
I honestly thought the public would choose Budoy, as he was one of the two people who looked like they knew what the Masa was (and no, it's not a restaurant.) This, of course, is my opinion, so if the diehard Bianca and Zanjoe fans want to flame me, it's my right to have an opinion and your right to have yours. Their so-called love team offends me. Especially since it so neatly sealed their positions in the final four. I bet you they won't last a year outside the house.
I hope Keanna wins. I hope the Masa sees beyond the pretty people. And after this, i promise to not watch Pinoy Big Brother anymore.
It is something when people choose to vote a womanizer into the highest position of the land. It is another thing when they elect to get rid of someone that they have the most in common with in favor of pa-cute love teams that they know aren't real.
Someone said our biggest problems in our society are caused by our being disconnected with our real culture and values. We are messed up because we are taught to hate who we are. I hope more intelligent people appreciate that.


~*~TwiZTeD AnGeL~*~ said...
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~*~TwiZTeD AnGeL~*~ said... all due respect...I wasn't really a viewer of PBB nor any othe ABS-CBN show there is... (sorry tobie). I watched it once...when Roxie was made to choose between staying in the house or graduating (with her being a co-miriam student and all. not to mention we have the same course)...but that's that.

Now, in accordance to Budoy...yeah...I agree. Even all my cousins stopped watching PBB after he was evicted. Well at least we can see how the people think in this country. Oh explains actually how our country works. but that's just me..^^

Cheer up Ish! Just hope that the best of the two wins..^^

erniea said...

Kris Aquino endorsing whitening soaps doesn't help either. ;-)

isha said...

Ernie- or her pantene ads. *shudder* almost as bad as KC's faux french accented english in her shampoo ads. Eek.

Maan- I know what you mean about watching Roxy coz you're in the same course. Haha i'm biased for Budoy for the exact same reason. :D

~*~TwiZTeD AnGeL~*~ said...

lol..^^ not that I supported her...I just watched the episode when she left...may inside story kasi yun sa MC..^^

tobie said...

Ultimatlely, I am just happy that in the end there are charities that shall benefit from the show.

Its all a business.

The shows. The "talents." the gimmicks.

There's no holier-than-thou reason behind it all. its all just a show. All just business.

At least they help somehow.

Personally, I can't believe the masa would still support a love-team so to speak. Especially one founded on the clear fact that one of them is already attached.

But then again, what does one expect? The majority, after all, tends to be dumber than the minority.

Sad fact, but true.
Especially here in Manila.