Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Weird dream last night.

I wrote a play for class. Next thing i know, we're presenting it. At night. On an open field, under the stars, at a public elementary school. We didn't even bother to rehearse it. I was feeling kind of ashamed because it was pretty lame, a tragic love story. The guy playing the lead was someone i really liked, and all my classmates were scurrying about, preparing for presentation. We didn't even rehearse it. And then it started. I peeked out from backstage, watching my play unfold. It went well.
During the intermission, the director told me there was a foreign celebrity in the audience with a date. It turned out to be Craig David, and he sang a song for us from a balcony.
The rest of the play finished without a hitch, and afterwards we all stood in the greenroom backstage, congratulating ourselves. Finally everyone went home except for me and the guy. We cleaned up a bit, feeling exhausted and sleepy. He offered to give me a ride home but I declined.
With a heavy bag, i headed to the corner to take a jeep. A few minutes later, an ikot jeep passed by. It was near the Provincial Capital building of cebu, and I waited for another jeep to pass by.
Two jeeps later, and i got on a jeep, in the seat next to the driver, hugging a pillow. As we drove through downtown the sky began to lighten to dawn. Then i noticed it began to flood. We went deeper through the streets and the water got deeper and deeper. I looked to the horizon and saw a giant wave.
Next thing I know, i was on the deck of a cruise ship. The ship was floundering in the dark rough waters, swamped by waves. Then it rode into a whirpool. I closed my eyes for impact but the trip was surprisingly smooth. It sailed back to shore and turned into a jeep again.
I closed my eyes and buried my face into the pillow i was clutching, but a guy from behind me in the jeep grabbed it. I turned to berate him and it turned out to be Dick Gordon, with a lot less hair and a grim look on his face.
In my dream, he was the mayor of Cebu. "Watch." He told me, poking out his lower lip and staring at the flooded city. "You have to witness this." I turned back to see a giant wave engulf the city.
Then i woke up.
in other news:
Plugging lang po:
Was at Capisce Metrowalk monday night with my mamah tobie. We had the best Four-Cheese pizza i've ever had, and baked oysters with spinach that tobie described as "Orgasmic". Go.


~*~TwiZTeD AnGeL~*~ said...

Woah...what a dream...O.o

I could never remember my dreams though, eversince I was a kid, all I see is black...then I wake up...^^

isha said...

weird nga that i remembered so much of it.
Maan- i've been trying to access your blog but it looks like you're having so much fun with templates,haha. Inggit ako. Will wait with bated breath for your new and improved blog! (not that the old one was ooky, it was great)

~*~TwiZTeD AnGeL~*~ said...

hehehe..^^ Tag ka nalang..^^ ndi ko maayos yung layout to accomodate comments eh..^^