Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Well, my mom had her interview with the Canadian Embassy today. We got approved! So we'll be leaving within a year, provided our medical check clears. This news has been met with mixed emotions, with Rob (my baby brother) throwing a tantrum, and me celebrating. haha.
Tobie, you ask? Well. I know Tobie and I might be separated for a little while, but we firmly believe that our roads will always lead back to each other. So we really aren't worried. I love you, Tobie!!!

We were at malate last night, and saw for ourselves the demise of ROUNDEYEGLASS kape, may it rest in peace (or pieces, as the case may be.) It was a great cafe, they used to show indie and student films (a lot of bad ones too) but culturally it was a great place.
We ended up hanging out at Starbucks Malate, so newly renovated the paint was brand-spanking new. It was difficult ordering because I now have ASTHMA. (Diagnosed 2 weeks ago by my doctor, Renato Cheng. He's a great guy, promise!) Among the forbidden are: Chocolate (ouch!), Strawberries, Fresh Milk, Egg, Mango, Dairy Products, Chicken, Dust, Cigarette Smoke, Processed meats, Citrus fruits, grapefruit, Cheeses, seafood and did I mention Chocolate.

I ended up with the white chocolate vanilla ice thingy, which actually doesn't have chocolate. Tobie just had a lot of bananas. (Banana Cream Frappe, and Banana Chocolate Chip Bread) Somehow he started sneezing uncontrollably, my poor baby, and now he's sick. Either Tobie got contaminated by my asthma or he's allergic to me. (Waaah)
Anyway. I'm a little hyper now. Hugs, world!


Saint Eroica said...

starbucks malate????? you should have texted me, jan lang ako few steps away from the shop... ;) btw, sex ba bawal sa asthma? hihihi...

isha said...

Hay. I knew it. I told tobie we should have texted you. I told him. But he was sneezing like crazy and I myself was coughing my lungs out. Haha. Next time, promise. Plus it was quality time for the garapata. :D Next time!

tobie said...

No matter where we go, we are together.

I love you, Patricia Raine Mallare Pimentel

isha said...

and i love YOU, antonio gabriel abad the fourth. Neither time nor space will change that.