Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Manpads... what will they think of next?

A.) Male Hygienic Products
B.) Missile Launchers
C.) A new kind of motorbike

Pick one. Promise. I saw it on the news. I’ll do research and explain at length what MANPADS are, later on. I just found the name hilarious.

Speaking of MANPADs, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN BOY! You don’t look a day over 33.

And finally.

108 years of independence and the filipinos abroad have bigger celebrations than we did. I admit, I slept the entire day, enjoying the holiday in dreamland. But really, what have we got to celebrate? Are we really independent?

I think we are. Getting there slowly, I mean. Cutting ties and all that. Independence, after all, is painful. And we are all definitely in pain. Enjoy it.

One more thing. I learned how to play mahjong last sunday with my lola, my mom, and my titas. Yay!

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