Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I am so sick of the news. Day after day, night after night, disaster after disaster. Rape, incest, murder first thing in the morning, with weeping and wailing widows dancing over dead bodies, victims beating up holduppers under the watchful eyes of the policemen, and congressmen and women talking talking talking endlessly over nothing about nothing.
I am so sick of Mike Enriquez' angry voice. I feel like a dog being trained or yelled at when I hear him reporting. Most people don't like being yelled at. I know i'm one of them. He may be a nice guy and all that jazz, but he's only reporting the news. Not getting on my case for some sin i did.
I am so sick of Karen Davila's smug smile. She may seem like the benevolent newscaster. Hell, even Henry Omaga-Diaz looks good. Ricky Carandang too. BUT THEY MAKE ME SICK. They smile in mock sympathy even as they talk about landslides in Leyte, a ferry disaster, a political rally. But i really hate the way they attempt to manipulate EVERY story to make the president and the Philippines look bad. Seriously, in my opinion, between the three of them they've single (or triple) handedly demolished the country's image, and our economy.
I hate that all they do is report the negative and suppress the positive. DOESN'T ANYTHING GOOD HAPPEN TO US ANYMORE? Is there no PILIPINAS beyond oil price hikes, opposition rallies and political crocodiles? Are there no other people except for angry hungry disappointed people? Wala na bang pag-asa?
I am disgusted. Our media is the freest media in the world, in my opinion. They're freer than the US press. Yes, they are also endangered. But WITH GREAT FREEDOM comes great responsibility. You can't go firing shots at people and not expect to get hurt. Be responsible. Not stupid. I'm not belittling the media people who gave their lives to get the truth out. But let's not martyrize the rest of the idiots who think that being Media gives them the right to say what thay want without any consequences.
Public opinion is a sacred trust given to the media. I have not seen it given the respect it deserves. Shame on you, reporters, researchers, and newscasters who have no awe for this gift. Shame.


Anonymous said...

i've stopped watching the news a long time ago... but i tune in from time to time to reinforce my disgust.

i'm glad i'm not the only person who feels this way.

it must be the hidden envy these newscasters feel for their artista colleagues... maybe that's who they ham up to the cameras.

assholes i tell you, each and every one.

Saint Eroica said...

true... some of these news/media people are so arrogant, they think they know everything, and everybody else is ignorant, stupid, shallow, bobo, tanga, etc. see? i'm still bitter. ok lag, mas mayaman na ako sa kanya ngayon! in the end it's all about money... di man nila aminin. hekhekhek! ;)

isha said...

Sigh. Just keeps getting worse. I hear korina's back on the news as anchor. I'm glad to be leaving, i think. How the hell can we change this situation? My lola takes the word of the newscasters as gospel truth, and it boggles the mind. Especially since she is in the majority and we,the doubters, are not.