Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Among other things...

This pic was taken by Paolo Dy at his birthday party with his brand spanking new 8 megapixel canon dslr. *goes into technolust. Paolo is a fellow Cebuano, and a director whose 5 minute film, Miko, won an award in new york. (Don't remember though, sorry!)

Please vote for A Song For Vargas which is one of the finalists on the Fully Booked website. A friend of ours wrote it, but it's pretty good. Yup.

What else? Hmm. I am wheezing again. Sigh.


tobie said...

I love you so much sweetie... and I know I don't succeed in being there for you all the time... but know that I am with you nontheless.

Sometimes I wish life was easier.
But I guess we made the most with the hand we are dealt.

pochitocity said...

love this pic, you guys are such a cute couple :D

oh, and it was the studentfilmmakers.com/Bogen Imaging competition :D

for the curious ;)

see you guys soon!!!