Saturday, July 08, 2006

To the Pervert on the jeep who sat next to me

Dear Mr. Pervert,
It's people like you that make the world an evil place. Be thankful you are still alive, and i merely elbowed you in the nose. I actually had a cutter in my bag, and my first impulse was to cut out the part of you that you took great pride in. However, I think your grabbing and molesting of unwitting females is an actually inversely proportional to the size of the said part. Still, people like you shouldn't be allowed to spawn.
You kept looking at my face as you rubbed my thigh, expecting a reaction, I suppose. What kind of reaction were you expecting? Arousal? sheer joy that the likes of YOU was touching me? Fury? Outrage? Lust? You aren't good looking, by any means. You were short, and dark, and your body odor triggered an asthma attack. Please. Not even if you were some hot executive yuppie. You were just a carpenter-type. An ant in the palace that is Makati. There is nothing wrong with being a carpenter. Jesus was a carpenter. Everything is wrong with YOU.
People like you are scum of the earth and I am very sorry that the President just phased out death penalty. If you could do that to a complete stranger, I dread the thought of you having access to young vulnerable female relatives.
I should have dragged you to the police station.
I should have dragged you off the jeep by your hair and then pushed you in front of the 18-wheeler right behind us.
I should have sliced your throat from ear to ear and then stuffed your puny organs in the cut.
I should have used my knee on your nose instead of my elbow.
I should have made an example of you and hung you, by a hook through your balls, outside a high rise on ayala. Better yet, tied you to the back of the mrt by your nose or pubic hair.
I should have done more than elbow you in the nose and prayed that i broke it.
I should have done more than just walk away.
Still. I hope that made you think about it. Asshole.
Because I believe in Karma. And yours is coming, believe me. If you think it's punishment enough to be you, think again. Worse things are coming your way.


Kevin! said...

personally, I'd prefer to see a mob-lynching x(

Saint Eroica said...

i would love to kill him for you!

isha said...

thanks, eroica. Sayang wala nang death penalty.