Monday, February 26, 2007

What A Week

Now that tobie and I have hit (and hard!) a year, we would like to thank the following sponsors:
1. Our Parents!
UP Diliman
3. Sbarro
4. Amici
6. ABC Sports
7. Our friends

the list is endless, but my patience is not. Wahaha.

My father crashed a wake again today. An 18 year old boy was shot in a house break on friday morning and he died soon after, may he rest in peace. My dad heard from his employees about it, as the father of the poor boy was a client of theirs. We entered the funeraria, unsure of the chinese people milling around, before my dad caught sight of his client. We went in and my dad made a beeline for the man, making all the proper sympathetic noises.

The dogs were going crazy at about 2 am friday morning, he told my dad, staring numbly at the shiny white coffin. My older son checked and saw men outside the house, inside the walls. Dad nodded. They saw him and fired at him, but they missed. He ran inside and locked the doors. Woke us up and we called the police. We thought he hadn't awakened, that he had slept through it. When the police arrived we went to his room and found him. Turns out he woke up to look through the doors and saw them. He shut the door but they shot at him. Hit him in the stomach.

Long silence.

Dad swallows. How old was he?

Eighteen. Second year college at UAAP. He was just a baby. My youngest. He was a good son, really kind hearted.

Dad mumbles, it's more painful to lose a kind son than a bad one. Shock. I stare at him, unable to believe my ears. Did he just say that?

Client starts to cry. It's painful, he forces out. It's so very very painful. A parent should not have to bury his child. It's not natural.

Dad: Must be painful. Then silence.

Today was a good day for my brain. Just saw the Number 23 with tobie. In it, Jim Carrey has sex with 3 women, and ends up jumping out of a building, getting amnesia, bitten by a dog, and stalked by a number. Fabulous movie.

And I just read the 300 comic book. I have goosebumps. Can't wait for the movie. Frank Miller is GOD. Heartbreaking comic.

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