Monday, August 20, 2007


Two years ago (Aug. 15, 2005)...

The bibingka kept jumping off my fork as I sat with some guy I met online outside Starbucks ABS CBN. "Table manners." I kept reminding myself, trying to look poised and sophisticated, chasing the bibingka bits around with a plastic fork.
"The bibingka hates me." I finally announced. He flashed me his gummy grin, blinding me.

Present time...

Tobie : wow, it's thursday already. Aug. 16. Work is piling up.
Panda: er...
Tobie: And i told james it was August 14! Oh no!
Panda: Tob, it's August 15.
Tobie: You sure?
Panda: Yep.
Tobie: ok.
Panda: Oh. I forgot! It's AUGUST 15!
Tobie: Me too! Happy 18 months baby!

(not the exact words verbatim)

Hah. Who needs 18 months when we've got the rest of our lives? I love you baby! Happy 18 months. Don't blame the bibingka.

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