Saturday, December 08, 2007

Falling in Love

For the past few months I have been seriously doubting my immigration here to Vancouver. It wasn't worth the emotional hassle, the nonexistent customer service, the unbelievably expensive lifestyle, the obnoxious people, the mounting stress, the bad food, working a job that i am coming to hate, and being cold all the time. It was definitely not worth being away from my tobie.
Just yesterday I woke up cursing myself, shivering in the frosty 8am dawn air as i headed off to work.
At one point today i wanted to crawl under my desk and cry my eyes out. It was almost too much.

And then today I found the best sio mai I have ever tasted.
And then I found a friend in the North Face store who was, though not pinoy, practically one as all his friends were pinoy and from Bora, and he was going there next year and he gave me a huge discount on one of my jackets.
And then after that I watched Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in a Japanese restaurant with my mom and the Malaysian Chef and the Thai Waiter and the Korean Cashier. The Thai Waiter was the most emotional about it, snapping at one point to a customer who called in, "I too upset to cook, Stupid lady on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire no deal on $110,000. I am sick to my stomach!" He is my new best friend.
And then after that we walked home and the streets were so beautiful and then we went down to the Granville station with it's 3 story escalators.
And then I got on the train and sat next to a man who looked like prince charles with smaller ears who told me about how he lost his drivers' license and now has to bike to work. He showed me an airbrush he had bought for his friend (with a blush on his pale face) and the beautiful inks he also got for her.
And then I walked home with my mom on a cold night with the beautiful starlit sky overhead and the whooshing skytrains that passed above us and the glittering silvery frost on the grass.

I love the Philippines. You can't take that out of me.
But maybe I'm falling a little in love with this place too, yay.


tobie said...

That's good to know love. And you have to. Cause some day, I'll be there too. And so will our tiny garapandas.

raine pimentel said...

our garapandas won't be tiny, baby. WE're both big eh.