Friday, December 14, 2007

A VERY USEFUL LESSON (Entry # 666 in my blog)

Four years ago this blog was made to mark the end of a relationship and to celebrate my newfound freedom. Yay.

And now, to mark entry number 666, from the book X-Treme Latin (Unleash Your Inner Gladiator) by Henry Beard (Henricus Barbatus)

Useful Syntax - Syntaxis Utilis

Futue te ipsum
Go fuck yourself

Imperfect Subjunctive Expressing A Wish For The Present
Utinam tete futueres
Would that you would go fuck yourself

First Supine Expressing A Wish For The Present With Verbs Of Motion
I futum te ipsum
Go in order to fuck yourself

Potential Subjunctive
Velim te futuas
I should like you to fuck yourself

Substantive Clause of Purpose
Te rogo ut futuas te ipsum
I beseech you to fuck yourself

Genitive of Purpose
I tete futuendi gratia
Go for the sake of fucking yourself

Future Conditional, Less Vivid
Si te futuas, gaudeam
If you should go fuck yourself, I would rejoice

Future Conditional, More Vivid
Se te futueris gaudebo
If you will have gone and fucked yourself, I will rejoice

Present Conditional, Contrary to Fact
Si te futueres, gauderem
If you were fucking yourself, I would be rejoicing

Past Conditional, Contrary to Fact
Se te futuisses, gavisus (gavisave) essem
If you had fucked yourself, I would rejoice

Future Participle Denoting Intention or Likelihood
Tete fututure, te saluto
You who are about to go fuck yourself, I salute you

And now, Alan Rickman. Sigh.

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