Friday, January 18, 2008

The Ex Axis

On my way to work today on the skytrain I read this in my horoscope:
Taurus - An old flame will come back into your life. Decisions will be difficult to make, but patience is the key.

So I walk to my office, switch on my mac, which I have affectionately named Boo, short for Buddha, because this one is so much wiser than the older mac i had when i started here.

Mail comes in. Friendster- You have a message from xxx

So the ex, na itago nalang natin sa pangalang Blank, is writing his life story and wants to know if he can use my real name. Um. No.

In fairness, the whole existence of this blog is due to Blank's blankness. Pandamonium was born the day we broke up, and it has seen me through the past 5 years, now finding me comfortably in a relationship with the Best Boyfriend EVER.

So I told him to use a pseudonym. Huh. I wonder what he'll come up with. Well, no, I don't really wonder.


In other news.

Tobie had a car booboo. I am taking this opportunity to thank all of our friends who have expressed their sympathy and support and anguish over UEN's accident. I am just really really thankful that Tobie is okay and well and all his parts are functioning properly.

I can;t wait to see him soon enough, but his safety is his first priority. Mwah.

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