Saturday, January 19, 2008

Overseen, Overheard

Walking past a construction site:

Guy 1: (Looking up at guy 2) So, you've got your little thingie there!
Guy 2: (Hanging on a scaffolding) Thanks to you, hey!
Guy 1: That's a slippery little thingie you've got there. Keep a good grip on 'er.
Guy 2: Great traction though, for a thingie.
Guy 1: Doesn't it, though, eh?

Lalalala. I don't want to know.

Dropped by my BMO bank today. Graeme, my favorite teller, took my check and made jokes about the pitiful amount huddled in my bank account. I wanted to hit him, but he's too pretty. hah. Good thing i'm in a serious committed relationship. Pramis. Haha.

Lunch today was fun. Had pizza at the library pizza place full of pinoys. I looove them. It's Flying Wedge Pizza and they're a little expensive but really good. 

Sat next to an older couple, one of whom was paralyzed from the neck down. It was beautiful to watch them. They must have been in their late 70's, and one in a motorized wheelchair (Stephen Hawking in 20 years?), both dignified, silver haired gentlemen, and both talking animatedly.  The healthier man was feeding his partner bites of pizza by hand, and wiping his mouth, both of them laughing and gazing deeply into each other's eyes in between bites.  It really doesn't matter what gender they were, it was just awesome to watch them.

I am writing this around a lapful of sleeping, snoring, wiggly chihuahua at work, and it's days like this that make up for everything else.  I do miss the sunny skies and tank top friendly temperatures of Manila, and a job with naked sweaty athletic young men, but I guess this isn't so bad. Now come visit me. Everybody. Now na.


Anonymous said...

how's it goin', eh?

anyway, give Tina and I a few months. I'm handing in my forms now, and if the Embassy is right about this, I'll be getting a response in a couple of weeks. Tina was asked to take the IELTS... at least CIC's looking at her file now.

so within the year friend. we'll either be kickin' around at the Island or skiiing in Whistler. :)

raine pimentel said...

yay! Pakibaon si tobie pls. hahaha. cheers, shiro, and gooood luck. eh.

EA Nanes said...

problema kasi, ang haba ng boyfriend mo eh. di pwede ilagay sa suitcase... and it'll be kinda hard justifying how i'm comin' from the philippines with a ski bag.


btw, this is it. after flitting back and forth in the blogosphere. i've decided to settle here, in this blog.

blogspot ulit. hehe :)