Friday, September 26, 2008

People Beside Me Today

8:10 AM : Skytrain Elevator - Two blond asians. Gak.
8:30 AM : Skytrain - Tiny Pinoy Woman on her cellphone screaming "p-ina mo! p-ina ka! Give me my money back. You son of a bitch!"
9:00 AM: Road - Tall european guy strolling in the rain, smoking and walking slowly. Trying not to choke.
9:10 AM: Elevator - Dark eyed architect from the fourth floor looking worried
9:30 AM: Office- Vanessa looking tired
10:30 AM : Office - Vanessa looking tired
11:30 AM : Office- Barefoot Karen looking for ad leads
12:30 AM: Office - Nobody
1:30 PM : Office - Vanessa looking tired
2:30 PM : Starbucks - Martha (Shift Supervisor) exclaiming "You really love the oatmeal don't you?"
2:45 PM : Starbucks - Pregnant Chinese woman coming in from the rain, settling down beside me with a book and a latte, taking a minute to close her eyes and rub her tummy over and over happily, like she knows a secret. She does.
3:00 PM: Starbucks - HUUUUGE fat caucasian man. Unhappily bitching that he ordered a VENTI NONFAT NO FOAM EXTRA SUGARFREE VANILLA MOCHA. With Whip cream. Because he's on a diet.
4:00 PM: Office- Vanessa talking about her ikea stuff. Once you assemble one part it comes together, she says.
5:00 PM: Office- Vanessa and Rebecca.
5:15 PM: Road - Soaked woman on bike staring enviously at my fantastic Cirque Du Soleil umbrella. Whee.
5:30 PM: Skytrain- Tall professional looking guy with dimples, who smiles apologetically as he has to reach past my (tiny!) chest to grab the pole for balance as the train is packed. Awww.
5:44 PM: Skytrain - Little chinese lady shorter than my elbow, about 99 years old, shoving everyone out of her way and yanking the multiple-pierced guy out of his seat and sittng in it. Wow.
6:10 PM: Skytrain platform- Two guys ducked behind the elevator shaft to make out in the rain.
6:11 PM: Skytrain steps- Indian woman glaring at me as she races down the stairs in her 4 inch stillettos. I am in my boots and hopping down one step at a time, splishy splashy through the puddles in my waterproof boots. Ignatius is well protected in my laptop bag.
6:13 PM Sidewalk - Two blond asians.

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