Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Post # 701

Today at the department store downtown, I was browsing. Then the Pro-Activ (did I spell that right?) salesperson approached me, a middle-aged Hispanic woman with heavy eye makeup.

Saleslady: Hi. I noticed, you have so many blemishes.
Me: Uh. Ok. Thanks.
Saleslady: You should use proactive. It's good.
Me: Er... I have products I use, thank you.
Saleslady: Do you have a boyfriend?
Me: Yes...
Saleslady: Good. If you didn't, you'll have trouble finding one. Your skin is so oily, so many pimples.
Me: Uhh...
Saleslady: You need a cleanser and toner and moisturizer.
Me: No, thanks.
Saleslady: (impatiently) Do you want to lose your boyfriend? You need to make yourself pretty for him!
Me: Excuse me?
Saleslady: You also need sunscreen.
Me: I have to go.

Eep. Talk about hard sell.


EA Nanes said...

eek! i don't know if that was scary, creepy, or downright insulting.

Panda Bear Isha said...

Eerily prophetic, I think.