Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November Rain

I do love working at starbucks. It's the every day, the bloody ordinariness of it that makes me so comfortable, the idea that I'll make or break some stranger's day, and hopefully make their lives just a little bit better. This literally is my dream job, except for the shitty schedules and the crap pay.

I was talking to Alex last night about where i am right now, and worrying about my US Visa interview tomorrow for a tourist visa. I don't know. He says I worry too much, and I agree. I worry so much about everything and even for things that don't need to be worried about. Chill pill, anyone?

Recently I've been nagging my brothers to keep our kitchen sink empty (no dirty dishes allowed!) and it's been an uphill battle, since I am the eldest and only girl and sick of cleaning after them. This past 3 weeks have been a campaign to get them to not leave dishes there, especially since we have a mousie in our apartment. So last night, when i got home, the sink was sparkling clean. I was about to rejoice! and then my brother rob mentioned that our mom came by and did the dishes. Sigh. Okay.

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