Friday, July 02, 2004

The (A)Wake

My roommate is addicted to pharaoh. My other roommate is addicted to Emperor. They have been at it for weeks, barely eating, barely sleeping, barely bathing or etc, never losing sight of their cpus. They even miss class to play. I am an evil game pusher. I make people game addicts.
The Extremely Cuddly Yanna had a strange dream last night, of being floated out of our room and unable to move. As she floated past my bed, I grabbed her and held on. And that was what saved her, according to her. I kinda like the thought of being a savior of some sort, but there is something about The Extremely Cuddly Yanna that makes her vulnerable to spirits and the otherworldly.
It is now mid afternoon and I still have not slept. Sigh. I fell asleep around five am and woke up at eight. And I finally got a good look at my classmate the 17 year old. No, when I am completely awake, he isn’t at all that hot. But his smile is nice. I have got to get my eyes checked. (note to self: Make sure eyes are clear before lusting after anyone)
I have a long lazy afternoon ahead of me. That means I’ll be catching up on my sleep.
I am wearing this hideously flowered pink and green blouse that belonged to my grandmother. It was probably short sleeved in another incarnation, but the sleeves go down past my elbows. And a short grey Britney-esque skirt. Argh. I look like a colorblind waitress. With a greasy face. I am getting fat, too. Hmmm.
At this point I just want to crawl into bed and sleep.
I will be attending the FreshMeet (the Fine Arts Welcome night for Freshmen) even if I am an ancient soph. Gerome, Aaron, and Deo will be playing in their little band (My blockmates from last year) and I just want to go out. It’ll be a late night so it’s naptime for me. Goodafternoon. =)

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