Friday, June 01, 2007

Panda in Canada pics!

Cue X-Files Theme.
Car conversation between me and Abbie (Cousin)
Abbie: They shoot a lot of shows here.
Me: Yeah, I hear they shot the X-Files here.
Abbie: What are X-Files?

And abbie is only 11. I feel so ancient.

We went down from the bus 10 blocks too early on our way to the Park in Vancouver. Here are the boys walking. Notice how far i am behind them.

Melissa (2nd cousin), Me, My mom, and Angela (also a 2nd cousin) Notice the gloves that i'm wearing. And notice that they're in SHORT SLEEVES. They grew up in Calgary, and i hear it's way way colder there than it is here in warm sunny Vancouver.
We headed to the cemetery to pray over the grave of Lola Helen and Lolo Celo.

That's me and Abbie fooling around in New Westminster. I don't exactly know where it is. But we had lunch at a Chinese resto and it was okay.

Tobie had a baby when i wasn't looking. Haha. Welcome to the world, Natalia Sandrine! If you look closely there's a squirrel. I was surprised by the cute critter, and unfortunately, i couldn't get any closer shots than this. And then the next time i went out there were 5 squirrels waiting for me. Those things are scary in groups. I feel like they would attack at any time a la Veruca Salt. Bas was never the same after we took away his pacifier. This is the view from our balcony at 9am. Note the cloudless sky. And it's STILL cold. Brr.

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I miss you Raine!